bissell corporate branding

Bissell may have tapped a fancy pants New York firm to reignite their consumer advertising, but they selected hometown favorite, Kantorwassink, for their corporate repositioning. To capture the essence of their culture and communicate their corporate philosophy to attract new talent, Bissell needed to tell their story. As luck would have, Kantorwassink has a knack for simple, honest storytelling that makes people listen – and makes people care.

So we talked about Bissell beliefs; that the things that make life better are often the things that make life messy; we came up with a corporate positioning, “Bring on Bissell. Bring on LIFE.” We talked about the products, the people and the passion that has driven Bissell to become the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet sweepers and vacuums. Then we created a visual and verbal language, a photo library and a compelling corporate brand that runs through everything Bissell does to promote the Bissell culture to prospective employees, current employees, customers and the community. And, lo and behold the resulting corporate brand blows the consumer work out the wazoo and New York has their undies in a bunch.

We also developed this info graphic to show current and prospective employees exactly what to do to reach the next rung as they climb the corporate ladder at Bissell.

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