Kantorwassink has proudly created and evolved the branding for Ruth's Chris' sole yearly charity event: the Ruth's Chris Cares golf outing and dinner;  from invitations, online presence and collateral to maps, menus, videos, signage, and every other touch-point in-between. And while priority one is giving our audience the relevant information they need, there’s no reason that information needs to be dull when it’s delivered. In fact, we see it as an enormous opportunity to inspire and engage our audience by bringing the information to life in ways that build the brand’s credibility and define the event’s fun personality. So we created a design language that allows us to message every detail and direction but delivers it with a knowing wink that this event is anything but boring. 


So far we’ve hit nothing but hole in ones. Because for five years in a row the event has been booked to capacity with community leaders and C-suiters, raised enormous amounts of money for children’s charities, and the most often heard words at the 18th hole are, “Count me in for next year.”

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