Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. combines four government agencies into a single entity whose sole responsibility is makeing sure downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan lives up to what Forbes Magazine calls, “One of the 10 most vibrant downtowns in the entire country.”

Kantorwassink’s sole responsibility as their agency was to deliver a brand positioning, brand story, brand identity, collateral and advertising that would stand out as one of the most vibrant community branding campaigns in the entire county. Mission accomplished.

The brand we created for Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. has been passionately embraced by the downtown community, and is being used extensively to create awareness and build love and loyalty, locally, for downtown Grand Rapids. In addition to becoming a local success story, the work has been used with great success to promote Grand Rapids as premier, dollar-smart destination for both regional and national conventions, trade shows and corporate gatherings.

Further confirmation of the campaign’s success came with the announcement that the branding campaign by Kantorwassink won the prestigious National Communicator Award for Marketing Excellence.

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