nutrilite vitamin d

The global shift from an outdoor society to an indoor society means we all get less sunshine – and vitamin D deficiency has become a serious global health issue. Our solution was a campaign created around our single strategic insight: Get your sunshine from the inside out. The perfect solution, for millions of people around the world who spend their days working inside, and a perfect solution for increasing sales of Nutrilite Vitamin D.

nutrilite vitamin b

Kantorwassink took a client-provided insight, ‘blocking fatigue before it starts instead of fighting fatigue after it’s too late, and turned that insight into a visual and verbal mnemonic that brought the idea to life in video, print, presentation materials and digital executions.

nutrilite memory builder

To create a memorable campaign for Nutrilite Memory Builder Kantorwassink focused on the forgettable; the things we all struggle to remember; where we parked, where we put the keys, or which name to put with which face. Then we put the focus on the power of this product to support memory, clarity and concentration and showed it working in everyday situation our customers wouldn’t soon forget.

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