Kantorwassink is an insanely strategic advertising, design and problem-solving agency whose obsession is ensuring you look your absolute best. 


Because when you and your work shine your customers, clients, coworkers, competitors, your bosses and your bosses' bosses will sit up and take notice.


Since this is our chance to brag, we’re going to make the most of it: Kantorwassink brings a level of experience, expertise, strategic smarts, common sense and creative firepower unlike any other agency in our weight class. We’re best known for creating, re-branding and building brands, and everything that comes with it. We also have a sweet spot for business-to-business and corporate branding, smart beautiful product and corporate brochures, cracking the strategic code on product launches and producing powerful television and film.

We work across every medium, leaving no stone unturned to uncover the best way to build a strong emotional connection between your brand and your audience. We are far more into the message than the medium. From our point of view, we aren't too concerned about what we make, what drives us is making sure that whatever we make, makes a powerful impact. 

And then there’s this. We are crazy about what we do. And the people we do it for. Not crazy-reckless, crazy-passionate; about going the extra mile, doing what we do better than anyone else, and delivering way above and way beyond expectations. Because we love what we do, we love to be loved by our clients, and we do our best work for the people we love. Now that's not so crazy, is it.

––  our success spans the following categories  ––

packaged goods  /  corporations  /  beauty  /  higher education  /  hospitality  /  health and wellness  /  professional services  /  restaurants  /  retail  /  manufacturing  /  real estate  /  cities  /  food and beverage  /  pharmaceuticals

A big part of our success comes from our upbringing. Which includes being beaten down by big blue-chip clients like Anheuser-Busch, Kraft, McDonald’s and Cadillac. It’s made us both intensely strategic and insanely creative. For clients who need it, we have a formal strategic process that we use. But for those who don’t, rest assured we apply our strategic thinking to everything we do. We’d love to tell you more about it, and us. Check out agency principals, Dave Kantor and Wendy Wassink. And, don't forget our VP / Executive Producer and key-to-our-success, Amy Marinari, too. Rest assured they are even more lovable in person.

–– what we do ––

brand positioning  /  identity  /  strategic planning  /  corporate communications  /  naming  /  brochures  /  video  /  advertising  /  infographics  /  photo direction  /  strategic planning  /  competitive analysis  /  event design  /  sales presentations  /  web sites  /  environmental graphics  /  websites  /  non-traditional advertising  /  social media  /  information design  /  annual reports /  newsletters  /  magazines

–– what we don't do ––

disappoint our clients

One last thing. We know there are other agencies competing for your business, but we can promise you that in addition to our credentials and capabilities, no other agency will work harder, longer, smarter and with more care and concern for the end results than Kantorwassink. This commitment to what we do – and our conviction that the best work is both intensely strategic and insanely creative – is demonstrated by our work.


Let's make some really smart work together. C'mon, it'll be fun.

–– hello@kantorwassink.com ––